Christ, Another Day.

The moral of today’s fabella is that you should work early and often.  By procrastinating I’ve more or less boned myself.  Also, before getting puffed up and emailing what you thought was an excellently obscure question, be more careful to make sure your question isn’t actually a simple one.  I did that and feel like a complete knuckledragger.

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I haven’t done anything for two weeks on my PhD.  I did see my professor at the bus stop, which was awkward, especially as I was in my sleeping bag. Awk-ward!

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I just got £6,620/year in funding, and I have no real idea why.  I’m pretty sure there’s been a mistake, but I’m completely overjoyed.  My sage advice for this situation is to buy cheap champagne and drink a little too much of it.

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My first deadline

It sounds like a charming gift for a three-year-old, but it involves a lot more swearing.  I’m turning in a very rough kernel of a chapter, and I’m desperately unhappy with how it’s turning out.  I pull one thread and four more pop up!  I suppose that the insight I’ve gained from this particular episode is that you should work early and often, not late and lazily (like me).  However, it’s totally okay, because Prince Charles has said that the only way he can recall his 60th birthday presents was to set them to Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start The Fire”.  Then he sang it.  It was very funny, not least of all because he mixed in things like “a castle (another one)” and “Harrod’s vouchers from one’s mother” (notice the joke on ‘one’s’ there) , along with a Terry’s chocolate orange.  Good man.

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How to prepare oneself for an imminent supervisor meeting:

I wish I really knew.  I’m always sure that she’ll know I’m a total fraud and that I spend most of my time watching Star Trek.  I guess my only advice is don’t do what I do, which is get nervous and start gabbling total nonsense.  That’s not helpful.  Also, bring a change of clothes; I’m always as sweaty as if I just ran a marathon.  I’m sure that adds to my myriad charms.

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And another thing…

Does anyone actually ever attempt to participate in National Novel Writing Month?  By this I mean does anyone actually try to write a novel?  All evidence points to the majority of participants being anime-obsessed fangirls looking for e-sympathy about how hard it is to be a writer.  I’m sorry (I’m not really sorry), but your bizarre Legolas/Goku fanfiction magnum opus of ten pages hardly constitutes a novel.

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It’s a rainy, cold, and altogether crappy day.  That means one of two things: either I’ll get a lot done on the dissertation, or I won’t get anything done.  It’s a bit of a toss-up, but it’s not looking good on the productive side.  I’d rather watch Mystery Science Theater 3000 until I end up sleeping through the afternoon.  The New York Times has described my life as “a non-stop thrill ride from start to finish”. Obviously.

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O, delicious baked beans, whatever wouldst I do without thee?

O, delicious baked beans, whatever wouldst I do without thee?

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I’m pretty sure I could write my dissertation on Mystery Science Theater 3000.  Is that a good thing, or a bad thing?

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Have to say, these academic wine/crisp soirees are always a little weird.  I mean, you’ve got a group of people not necessarily known for their social skills, with free wine (though not much of it) and not much to talk about.  After all, we see each other pretty much every day, and the urge to ‘talk shop’ is pretty strong.  The few people I don’t know, I always feel weird about marching up to (I never said my social skills were that great) and just talking at them about my subject. Not to mention they ran out of crisps in the first half hour.  Cheapskates.

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